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Brosgall & Company Law Corporation Corporation is a boutique law firm with expertise in debt collection and personal injury matters, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We focus on providing sophisticated services at rational prices, tailoring each engagement to suit both legal and business objectives. From adept debt collection and personal injury negotiations, to pursuing our clients' interests in all levels of British Columbia's court system, we achieve results. We appear regularly in B.C. Small Claims Court, B.C. Provincial Court (Criminal), B.C. Supreme Court, and the B.C. Court of Appeal. We also regularly handle mediations, arbitrations and other hearings before various boards and panels across the province of B.C.

At Brosgall & Company, we view ourselves as a strategic partner. Our role is to assist our clients in understanding and dealing with the complexities that most disputes involve. The end goal is to assist you achieve positive resolutions that meet with your objectives. We proactively address our client's needs to maximize the effectiveness of their legal budget in a timely and intelligent manner. Our attitude and experience saves our clients time, money and aggravation.

Our clients include public companies, private companies, and individuals. Over the years, we have prided ourselves on having successfully negotiated or litigated a wide-ranging variety of cases. We have handled complex and hotly contested matters, as well as more straightforward and relatively amicable disputes. The following is a representative list of the diverse range of cases we have acted on:

  • general civil litigation
  • corporate and commercial litigation
  • ICBC, personal injury and motor vehicle accident claims
  • slip and fall insurance claims
  • insurance denial claims
  • debt collection matters
  • labour and employment disputes
  • human rights complaints
  • wills and estates
  • real estate
  • landlord – tenant
  • criminal matters
  • driving offences
  • partnership disputes
  • strata disputes
  • construction
  • builder's liens
  • professional negligence
  • defamation
  • committeeship hearings
Brosgall & Company Law Corporation
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